Don’t Forget your Amazon KDP Promos!

I published my first short story Into the Void on January 5th of this year. That means it’s been nearly three months since it went live.

That’s a milestone for sure, I’ve been a “published author” for three months now. But one thing I forgot until today was that one of the benefits of being Amazon Exclusive is that you get promotions to use during each period. These can be free days or a countdown deal. They are also “use them or lose them”, and I’ll lose mine on Tuesday.

So, today, as I was creating the pre-order for Korrigan 03, and double-checking that things are ready for next Tuesday’s launch of Korrigan 02 hype, I realized I was about to miss out on a promotion for Into the Void.

So I created it! Starting tomorrow, March 30th, I’ll have a 5-day free giveaway for Into the Void.

I’m also working on a couple other promotional things related to A Moonlit Task, and some AMS ads to crowd around the launch of Korrigan 02. Once I get all those in place I’ll let you know, but stacking promos around book launches is supposed to be something that helps get you noticed.

Here’s hoping it works! I’ll be sure to discuss my feelings on them after next week.

Till tomorrow,


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