Massive Support!

Yesterday, I lowered the price of A Moonlit Task by using the KDP Select promotion of Countdown Deal. (It’s still $0.99 for the next 8 or so hours btw.)

But yesterday, I sold just over One Hundred books in a single day! 103 for AMT to be exact, but 107 if you counted sales of my short stories! I ran some ads, but I think the big boost was from Bargain Booksy. Thanks, guys! I’m super happy about the sales boost!

I’ll admit, it was kind of distracting seeing my numbers go up and up like that, and I too, more than one screenshot. In fact, I’d like to share one with you.

See that? My book was #4 in the Shifter Mysteries category! ZOMG, right?

Yeah, I’m all smiles today.

I’m also all done with my first pass at my litRPG outline. I have some items I need to go back and flesh out, like character names/bios for a bunch of characters, location names, and what-not. I also need to work out the XP system and break down how much XP will be given to each quest, but I’m done enough that I can start doing my rough draft again.

I’ve decided I’m going to throw out my original first draft and start again. This outline is significantly stronger and more detailed than my last one, and I’m excited to see how things go with the first draft now that I’ve spent the last two weeks really nailing my outline and putting so much detail into it.

The detailed outline is around 9000 words, and by the time I add in all the XP and flesh out all the characters, I should have an easy 10K word outline. It might not seem like I’ve done a lot to this book, but that’s a very detailed outline and probably 10x what I normally write for a book.

This is all new territory for me. I’ve never done an outline this detailed, and I’ve never written a book with this much stuff already figured out.

Till tomorrow,


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