Outline Progress

I finished up my LitRPG outline last night, at least the first pass, but I had a number of items I needed to go back and flesh out.

Things like NPC (Non-Player Character) names and bios, place names/bios, XP (Experience) gains for each level, then translate that to each quest. I also have mob (monster) bios that I need to flesh out, along with requisite XP and loot.

In other words, there are a lot of little fiddly details to work out. Tonight I spent about two hours working on those, managing to get about halfway through the outline.

This second pass was more to make sure I have the big stuff cleared up. I realized I had a couple quests I'd given my MC (Main Character) without wrapping them up. I also had some inconsistencies in a couple quests where one NPC gave the quest, but my MC handed the quest in to a different character.

So I still have a lot of fiddly details to work out, and that's okay. I'm trying to make sure that all the major plot elements work well with each other, and there is an appropriate flow from plot point to plot point.

I clearly have a lot of worldbuilding to do, and I'm doing something with shards that I need to flesh out a lot, specifically where did they come from, what are their properties, and what does my MC use them for.

I also sent the outline off to my critique group tonight for out meeting next week. Hopefully I'll get some good feedback from them to help me in cleaning up my outline.

Till tomorrow,


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