More Outline Progress

Worked on the second half of the outline today, sprucing it up, cleaning up the language, and making sure the last half of the plot makes sense. I’m finding more mistakes in this last half when I think I was getting tired of working on the plot and half-assed a lot of things.

There are jumps in logic, quest lines that I abandoned, and worst of all, quests that I never actually defined! I have plot elements without quests attached! I realize if this were full-on fantasy this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but this is litRPG, and the quests need to make sense and have a bit of a flair to them to match with the rest of the genre tropes.

Still, I’m pretty happy with how well-constructed this plot is, and I can’t wait to start putting it to the page when I finally get done with the majority of the early book plot.

At this point, I could probably start writing the book and finish up some of the details later on in the storyline over the next week or two, but we’ll see. I have a ton of other things to get done this year, projects like End Gate Book 2, which is written, alpha critiqued, and is just waiting for me to finally get around to a comprehensive edit on it before I send it to beta readers.

I just need like four of me now. Woo

Till tomorrow,


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