Cracktorio Season One is Over

Those of you who visit for my writing ramblings might be a little confused by today’s entry, but fear not. It’s about one of the Factorio series I have going on right now.

Yesterday afternoon, I met with the guys from the Cracktorio server for a couple hours of derping around and shooting off rockets. It was a lot of fun.

The last few weeks I’ve missed episodes on the server because no one else was around and playing during the time I could. I already run my own personal series on Factorio, so I didn’t just want to turn it into another series where I run around once a week by myself on a lifeless server, so I tried to only record episodes when I could be on with someone else.

Till .15 comes out, I’ll be tabling the series.

I also wrapped recording on the final Bot World episode. 176. I’ve been recording that series for over a year now, and I had a blast doing it. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with my YouTube derpage for the last year. I’ve had a blast making the content!

Till tomorrow,


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