Tropes – Talk to the Fist

This is a fun trope, and one that I love seeing when done well. This is the one where someone just punches you in the face rather than listen to you ramble on about something trope.

Having grown up watching Bond villains drone on and on about their master plans, a trope which has now largely been relegated to children’s cartoons (though there are still way too many in adult cinema,) I appreciate the “get on with it” attitude of a protagonist that does this.

I can’t think of any specific instances where this trope is used badly, but I do know my favorite instance was in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is fighting the guy with the sword in Cairo, he just pulls out the gun and shoots the guy.

Now this wasn’t stopping a verbal monologue, but I think the swordplay was that dialogue. It was unnecessary banter rather than getting to the meat of the argument.

My understanding is that Harrison Ford wasn’t supposed to do this, that scene was supposed to have an extended fight, but Ford had dysentery during the filming and suggested this much simpler fight.

I think it was the right move.

Till tomorrow,


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