Outline Done! (Kinda)

So I finally had time today to spend a couple hours going over my litRPG outline a final time to clean up tasks, write up a summary of the series and book, and make sure I’m relatively happy with the overall storyline.

And it’s done! So I’m going to call this “Alpha” done. It feels like it’s been forever since I started this outline, but I’m really proud of what I’ve gotten done in the time since I began.

Firstly, the outline sits at about 11K words, but 2K of that is series/book synopsis and a large section explaining about the genre, quest texts, and me talking about some of the secrets in the series to better help my critique groups understand what I’m doing so they can critique it better.

It’s still a very dense outline, and I’ve never done anything this detailed before, so I’m very excited to start working on the first draft, but first, I sent it off to a couple trusted individuals to review and I can’t wait for their feedback so that I take this outline to the next level.

Now that it’s off my plate for a while, I can finally turn my focus back to some Korrigan stories that I’ve been lax on for the last month, as well as finally getting to editing the second book in the End Gate series.

Till tomorrow,


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