The Productivity Show

I’ve been listening to a new podcast recently, called The Productivity Show. It’s by Asian Efficiency, a group of (I assume Asian Americans by their name and accents) that run a productivity website and company for training, tips, blogs, and of course, this podcast.

I’m up to Episode 4 so far and I’m loving it. The big takeaway for today from them was journalling. They recommend doing it every day, which actually made me a little proud, because so far this year I’ve been doing just that. I’ve had this blog, which isn’t exactly a journal, in so far that I document my inner desires and what-not, but I have gotten into the habit over the last few months of sitting down to write every night (well almost every night.)

So, before I write up my blog post, or after, (time will tell) I’ll be adding a few minutes of journalling to the mix as well. I’ll be asking myself specific questions based on ones they recommended. If you’re interested in knowing more, you should check out their blog post at

Till tomorrow,


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