Todoist App

My wife and I have been looking at a lot of productivity apps lately to help us organize all the various writing and production tasks around writing. Lately, we have been using Todoist, which we have for iOS and Mac, and I believe it’s available on other platforms as well.

So far, we’re loving it. We can collaborate fairly well between the two of us, joining projects and assigning tasks to one another. Right now we’re only using the free features, but some of the premium ones look good too, and if we decide to stick with this for the long-term, we’ll most likely subscribe to support the developer and gain access to the nicer things it offers.

A couple of things I wish it did:

  • Dependent Tasks
  • Start Dates
  • Recursive Due dates based off a common template due-date.

Here’s me explaining what these are:

Dependent Tasks are tasks that don’t become active until a prior task has been completed. For instance, I can’t publish a short story to Amazon until my wife has compiled the ebook. Having that task sitting there in my inbox does me no good because it’s dependent on another uncompleted task. I don’t even want it showing up, except maybe under a “waiting on other” view. This way it doesn’t clutter up my to-do list.

Start Dates are different than due dates in that you start working on a task, or a recurring task on a certain date. Only having due dates can sometimes be a bear, if you know the task is going to take a few days to complete. If I only concentrate on the due-date, then I may end up being late on a project if I truly require three days to complete. I think having the project or task start dates would solve this (while still having due dates).

Recursive Due-dates This one’s a little odd, but something I run into with my YouTube Channel all the time. Every week, usually on Sunday, my wife and I sit down and review the schedule for upcoming videos. We then create a recording schedule for me to work on for that week, an editing schedule to work on for that week (based on the recordings done the week prior) and a releasing schedule. All of these tasks are based off the Release date for the video.

Imagine I had a project template for a video. While generating a new video project, I input the release date for the video, and all other due dates are automatically assigned based upon that one due date. If it releases on the 30th, then it needs to be uploaded by the 28th. Tagging should be completed by the 29th. Editing needs to be done two days before the upload, to account for the 1 day required to compress and process the video for upload. Then, of course, the recording has to be completed at least a couple days before the editing occurs.

Being able to have a newly-created project auto-populate all the due dates for the tasks keying off a specific date would be awesome and would make our project creations SO much easier.

Let’s hope we see some of these features added in. That said, I’m loving the app, and it seems to be perfect for our needs at this point. A couple added features would help bridge the gap between a simple to-do app, and what we need which is a very light project management software.

Till tomorrow,


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