Mac Pro Thoughts

I know I’m a little late with my blog post for today, but I was dead tired last night, plus I’m trying (read “TRYING”) to go to bed at a earlier hour and not have a bunch of brain-scratching tasks late at night, like blogging.

To that end I did go to bed earlier last night then got woke up at 4am for work, so yeah, about a net loss there.

I just finished reading this article, and I love the ideas Becky brings up. Apple surprised a lot of us by breaking tradition and announcing a product that was still in development, and I think the only reason they broke from their normal tight-lipped SOP is the community was on their last thread with them.

I have a trashcan Mac Pro. It’s what I do all my gaming for my YouTube channel, I process, edit, and export videos, and I even write on it. I’ve live streamed from it as well (for writing).

I actually enjoyed this Mac. It’s super quiet, which is amazing for someone recording, and I love how small it is and how much power they packed into the tiny case.

But it’s 3.5 years old, and hasn’t been updated. The new MacBook Pro I just bought doesn’t meet my requirements for gaming, even playing indie games like Minecraft or Factorio, I simply can’t drive them at 60 fps and record on a laptop.

I don’t want to plunk down a bunch of money for an iMac, because I already have more monitors than I need sitting on my floor (there is a 30” Dell there right now, sad to say). What I need is an upgrade, and I was starting to get the urge to look slightly to my right at my 4-year old windows homebuilt PC. Sadly, despite it’s top of the line GPU at the time, when I fired it up and tested it, I got worse performance on it then I did on my Mac.

I even tried running BotWorld on it as a headless server, to free up cpu cycles from my Mac, and nope. It actually ran worse.

So sad to say, but my 3.5 year old MacPro (which has never had a single broken day since I bought it) is my most powerful gaming computer.

Because of the news, I will hold off and really hope that Apple knocks it out of the park with this new update. I might consider a eGPU to tide me over, but it’s hard to justify the $1000+ that I’ll need to be able to get that whole thing setup, and I also don’t like hacking my Mac just to get hardware to work. It would be cheaper to just buy a better GPU and put that into my PC.

Anyway, I’m done ranting. I want better hardware and I’m willing to pay for it Apple. Specifically, gaming and video production related. Do us proud like you used to do.

Till tomorrow,


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