Travel Blog 1 – Flying to Austin

Monday was a travel day (I’m writing this at night and it’ll come out tomorrow morning, so technically, yesterday was the travel day but, you understand.)

We woke up early to get the kids off to school and finish up last-minute details with packing. We got out about 15 mintutes later than I’d planned, hoping to miss most of the traffic on the way to the airport, but we were still early when we arrived.

In the airport

For the first time, we used the curb-side check in for our luggage at PHX. It was nice. We were in/out quickly with our boarding passes before getting to the train. We packed extra light this trip, checking one big bag with all our clothes, and only lugged out laptops, iPads, and stuff for the airport. Not having to lug a big black suitcase behind us was nice.

Security sucked, as it always does. I’ll spare you my Libertarian diatribe about how much time and taxpayer money we waste on the TSA, but stick around, you’ll hear my grumblings on politics eventually.

they were training a K-9 unit while we were in-line. With a what seemed like a couple planted people in the line that the dog sniffed, sniffed again, then finally sat down and pointed. The trainer gave him a treat, and the lady exited the line. I assumed she was a plant the way she acted at least.

Once through security, we found our gate, and sat down to get some work done.

I first checked emails, got 20 minutes of writing done on my LitRPG, and sifted through all my to-do’s for the day, most of which have been on my list for a week lol. Before boarding, I synced all my items while I still had LTE data. Downloaded two things I’m beta reading, and made sure my iPad had all the data.

On the plane

I’m 6’6″ and overweight, so sardine-like airplanes suck for me. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to use my laptop, so I prepared by making sure I had my 12.9″ iPad fully stocked with everything I needed.

While flying, I critiqued a beta-project I owed someone using my iPad. I still had to push my arms way back, knocking my poor wife’s arm off the arm rest over and over since I had to reach forward for the touch screen and backward to get to typing position, but it ended up working out.

The 12.9″ iPad just barely fit across my legs. If I had the smaller one, I wouldn’t’ have been able to use my legs, but even then the one I had started getting weary having to push my legs together constantly (guys FTL). I eventually put it on the tray and that ended up being better.

Once done with the beta critique, I then loaded up iOS Scrivener (synced before flying) and did a full read-through of one of my Korrigan stories, finding a lot of little mistakes and flagging some things to fix once I had access to the internet again.

On the ground

We took a taxi to the airport. Nice ride. I forgot how much I love Austin. Fun fact, my wife and I seriously thought about moving here about 15 years ago. I was working at Motorola at the time and they had a lot of fab units back then. Tomorrow I’ll be meeting with an old co-worker to rehash fun times.

That’s about it for the trip. We relaxed, got a couple other things done in the hotel room, and spent the evening with some writer friends.

Overall, I was pretty productive. I’m glad I worked while in the airport and while flying. It made the flight go by faster.

Till tomorrow,


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