The Smarter Artists Summit – Day Two

#SAS2017 Day Two – Words. So many words for so many things.

Yesterday’s blog post barely started to cover the amazing first day at Smarter Artists Summit, and I’m not sure what to say about day two.

Better, the same? Hard to tell? All the above?

Seriously, some amazing things were shared, love all around. I had lunch with two amazing women, and dinner with yet another one. Karaoke with friends so much that I’m hoarse now, and stayed up really late meeting another amazing author that I just happened to see in the lobby on my way up to the hotel room.

Who needs sleep when you have so many cool people to meet?

thanks to the wonderful speakers, the organizers and backbone of the summit. Thanks to my friends from Indiepub, and all the new friends I made while here.

Tomorrow I head home, and while I’m glad to be back in my own bed, and be in my own office, I’m already looking forward to the next sleepless trip where I get to meet even more amazing folks.

If you haven’t attended a writer’s conference, really consider going. You come out of them energized and ready to work. I’m fully of ideas, ambition, and promises that I need to keep for the next one.

Till tomorrow,


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