Factorio Alpha .15 In the Hizzy!

I’m a week late getting into it, but I finally got to sit down with the new update of Factorio yesterday.

Yes, it was as amazing as everyone had said. I only wish I hadn’t been out of town when it released so I could enjoy it all as it came out. But, life happens, and if you kept up with my blog the last week you will know I was having a blast attending a writers conference in Austin.

So what am I excited about with .15?

I haven’t touched nuclear yet, so I can’t really comment on that, but I have watched a couple other videos on it and I can’t wait to start using it.

Probably my favorite things are the additions that mean I don’t need to install mods now. From the map changes to the better roboports, to fluid wagons, to blueprint string being integrated into the game.

All of the above. I usually prefer playing vanilla anyway, since it’s in-line with what the developer’s vision for the pack is, and I have two minds for modding: quality of life mods that don’t change the game appreciably, or whole-hog where it’s practically a different game altogether.

FTB fills that role for Minecraft, and Bobs/Yukio/etc fills the role for Factorio. Speaking of which, I’m determined to finish recording my Bob’s Mod series in .14 because not all the mods have updated yet for .15 and I don’t want to have to retool the factory, so I’ll be working on getting that recorded fully over the next week or so so I know how many episodes I have remaining and can plan that out.

Then, I’ll start on some new .15 series. I have an idea for another long-running Bot-world style series I wanted to do. I’ll start planning for that now so I’m ready to start recording it as soon as How2Bob finishes.

Till tomorrow,


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