Back into the Groove

Back to work on Monday, it’s always a bittersweet feeling getting back from a vacation, but doubly so given all the motivational speeches and idea winged around last week at Smarter Artist Summit.

I spent most of the weekend knocking out a couple videos and the rest of the time finishing up my outline, but it’s pretty easy to do things in the right order when you have the entire day to yourself

Throwing a full-time job into the mix complicates things tremendously. The key is I get to bed on-time the night before, wake up on-time and start your day the right way.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do this. I got to bed late because I was up working on some complicated formatting stuff for a secret project I’ll be announcing soon.

So waking up early didn’t happen, which means 30 minutes of exercise before work didn’t happen, and well, the whole day was behind. To top it off, I had a concert for one one my kids to attend which gave me a hard deadline to be done with my goals today.

Still, I managed to get it all done right before bed, so it is possible to catch up from a crappy start, but it’s not ideal. I was behind and stressed all day because of it.

Till tomorrow,


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