Deep Work

I’ve been reading the book “Deep Work” by Cal Newport. It’s amazing but frustrating.

The gist is that if you truly want to accomplish great things in life, you need to learn to focus your time, instead of being distracted constantly from life’s little helpers, namely Facebook, Twitter, and all the other millions of notifications you get on your phone.

Or in my case, phone, iPad, and two computers. Not to mention my watch.

A couple weeks ago, before I began reading “Deep Work”, I decided to try turning off notifications for nearly everything, and while it’s taken me a little bit to get used to it, I’m already treating Facebook and email differently. I don’t have the red icon on the apps anymore, to tell me how many hundreds of messages I have there. I check email when I decide to open it up. Once I do, of course, they come flooding in along with the anxiety of all those unread and unprocessed emails, but at least it only happens on my time, which I’ve found a good time to process email is when I’m eating lunch. It might not be the most productive use of my time, but I’m not really paying attention to whatever I’m shoveling into my mouth (usually leftovers) and 95% of my email is SPAM or BACN, which, I know, I just need to automate my mail better. I don’t have any email rules if you can believe it.

In fact, there. I just made myself a task for tomorrow to automate one email per day. I’ll tackle this disaster eventually.

Anyway, I should finish the book tomorrow, and I think this is one of those books I need to just turn right around and listen to again, maybe a couple times. I find myself thinking about some of the habits I have and what I can do improve them. Not checking Facebook twenty times a day is a good habit to start getting into for sure.

Till tomorrow,


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