Good Groups

I’m fortunate to be able to surround myself with some amazing writers. If you aren’t in a critique group, you should make that a priority. In fact, I would say get yourself in a good critique group, as well as a good accountability group.

Each one is good for different reasons, but I think both are key if you’re going to succeed. I would also recommend that they be different people if possible. you will get beat up by the critique group enough when you go over your submissions, that you don’t want to have to tell the same person the next week at accountability meeting how you are behind on your goal. But that’s at least my opinion.

Not a ton of time to blog this weekend, so my post will be short. I’m on-call for work and dealing with a bunch of other things right now. Mainly moving my daughter home from college, and catching up on a bunch of episodes that I’m currently behind on for YouTube.

But I did want to say something about my groups because I love them!

Till tomorrow,


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