Nose the Grind Stone

I always have high hopes that I’m going to have plenty of time to sit down each night and draft up a brilliantly worded blog post for ht next morning.

Then reality hits.

There are always tasks left uncompleted for the day. Emails unread, editing not started. The list never ends.

I’ve meant to send an email to my mailing list for a few weeks now, finally got it out today.

Yeah, it’s been pretty crazy for sure, but I feel like I’m not treading as much lately as I have in the past, and I think a lot of that is I’m focusing on five core habits that I want to complete each day, instead of the 100’s of tasks that are clogging up my to-do manager (sorry Todoist, you’re a great program but you’re always telling me how far behind I am.)

Till tomorrow,


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