Bro Code Broken!

So my lovely wife and I went out tonight to eat. It’d been a rough week for the both of us. I was on call, we had a zillion things to get done, moving kids back from college. Long week, we needed a break.

We had a nice meal, BBQ FTW, and I got up to go to the bathroom. Standing there at the urinal, doing my thing when lo and behold someone comes and stands next to me. Okay, be cool, Tom, it’s a small bathroom, there are only two urinals, he hasn’t broken any cardinal sins yet.

Then, and I honestly thought this was patently illegal in 43 states, he tried to talk to me!


Which twilight zone episode did I wake up in? Are the ribs being slow cooked to perfection by goblins? Has Kim Jong-Un finally taken over the world? The only thing I can think of is the aliens that dropped him off behind the restaurant must have fried his brain too much with their scanners.

I feel so dirty.

Till tomorrow,


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