And Counting

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary for my wife and I, and we had a busy, but nice day. We both had plenty of work done and we’re well-past the timeframe when people ask “why didn’t you take today off?” It’s a valid question, and I can see why younger people would. Hell, I did myself years ago. But now, it’s just another day, albeit a little more on the reflective side give the round number of our anniversary.

While we were in Austin, for the Smarter Artist Summit, a group of us friends were sitting around a table talking about love and relationships and what not. One of the younger of the group, I won’t name names, asked me about my wife’s and my relationship, and, as I’m apt to do, I said something the wrong way than I meant.

We were talking about how my wife and I met, and early-relationships #relationshipgoals and I waxed lyrical about how there was no question for me that I wanted to get married. I’d never been one for the dating scene. There was one girl for me, and I’d known it since I was 15.

Talking about the fact that I never regretted “playing the field” and I loathed the dating scene, I shrugged and said “the magic is gone.”

(There is a reason I’m a writer btw, I need to be able to edit my words because they’re no-good when they come out of my mouth.)

What I MEANT to say was there wasn’t anything magical about the dating scene for me. I had no interest in dating around, meeting tons of girls. I already had the one I knew (okay, I may have had a couple potential backups at that time, even if they didn’t know it at the time) but the reality is there. It may sound horrible, but it’s the truth.

Love for me isn’t about the chase. It’s about the commitment. It’s about the end-game. It’s about sticking together through thick or thin till death do us part and beyond. That’s love. Putting up with them while they put up with you and hopefully you both look past each other’s foibles and enjoy the good times more than you loathe the bad.

I stand by my statement, even while wishing I had an editor for my verbal fumbles. The love grows every year. And despite the occasional “trade you in for a couple 20 year olds” joke, it’s stronger than ever.

And trust me, I’ve listened to the 20 year olds these days. No thank you.

Till tomorrow,


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