Keep at it

It’s been a couple weeks since I first started a big push with habits, and while I haven’t been perfect, I have been much more consistent than in the past.

Life is still going to throw you curve-balls, and you have to react to those, overcome them, and keep your head above water and your eyes on your goals.

Yesterday was one such day for me. I had a long day at work. We’ve been dealing with the Wanna Cry fallout part of the week and I had to work extra hours in order to get caught up with other part of my job that had been pushed off.

After the long day, I should have sat down and gotten my word counts in, but instead, I took a break, which turned into a much longer break than I expected, then I went to get some recording done for my YouTube channel.

Now recording is important for me, I have a channel with daily gaming content that I do need to keep in the forefront, but unless I have a video due the next morning that I haven’t recorded, writing should always come first in the day.

Well, I was weak, and didn’t make the correct choice, and a couple hours later I was done recording, but it was 7:45 pm.

So, I sat down to write finally. My brain was fried, I did’t “want” to write, but I did anyway.

So I went from writing the most awesome scene this week to almost skipping it in 24 hours. Sad, but that’s life sometimes.

The important thing is that I did my daily habit, and today, I’m especially glad that yesterday’s Tom overcame his inner-conflict and did what was most important for the day, rather than giving up and watching TV till he fell asleep.

Good job, yesterday’s Tom!

Till tomorrow,


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