Revisiting the Outline

I got some more feedback on my outline today, which may seem odd since I’m already 30K words into the first draft.

I’m glad I got more feedback, specifically because they pointed out a few things that, if not addressed, could potentially deflate the tension in the book.

I have two storylines going on in my current litRPG novel, and while they have similar themes, they’re essentially two separate stories in the book, each with their own goals, with the shorter of the two mostly there to help inform the main storyline.

It was pointed out to me that these two storylines could be much more effective if I took the time to tie them into one another better. While I initially balked at the idea (very common when someone tells you that your story has issues) after thinking about it for a while, I see the benefit of doing so.

This doesn’t mean I need to completely re-write the story. I just need to carefully think through how I want to handle this issue, and how best to address it with the minimum changes to the manuscript.

I also want to identify if this will change anything else with the plot that I might need to address with a followup change to an existing written scene, or modify upcoming scenes.

Obviously, the latter is the easiest to address, as I haven’t written those scenes yet, so I have time to modify them before their first draft, but the former will require more surgery.

Still, it’s better to do this sort of stuff now, then later, because I can review the scenes I already have written, and draft up some notes on how best to fix them. Then, when I have free time, I can go work on implementing those changes, or I can wait until the entire first draft is done, then go back and fix all those bigger things. Meanwhile, any new scenes I write can be written as-if those changes had always been there, thus making less work for myself later on.

Either way, I’m glad I got the critique done. Despite me needing to work more, the story will be better for it.

Many thanks to those of you who gave me links a couple days ago for illustrators. I’m currently looking every one of those up on their sites and will contact any that I think will be a good fit. A couple already look promising.

Writing books is complicated!

Till tomorrow,


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