Nearing the End of the Month

Thirty days has September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31 except February, because it’s a special snowflake containing the dumbest holidays.

Don’t blame me! That’s just how the rhyme goes!

So here we are, one day left in the month and I want to take a moment to reflect.

I’ve written 38,883 words so far this month on my litRPG. That’s averaging just under 1300 words per day. Considering my minimum goal started with 1000 and has since grown to 1100 words per day, I would say I’m doing pretty well.

I did miss one day early on. On the 7th, and I only wrote 56 words the next day, but I would call this a good start to building habits. It’s not perfect, but neither am I, and I’m okay with stumbling as long as I get back on the patch immediately.

This weekend was a bit rough. Normally I have the full weekend to sleep in, casually wake up, and go about my morning routine. This weekend I was on call for work and got woken up at 5 every single day, which cut drastically into my energy and productivity.

But despite putting other things off, I managed to get my writing done each day, and that’s why the habit is so vital. Even when everything else goes to hell, I got my writing done and that’s what will matter in the long run. It’s the single most important thing I do each day to progress my writing career, so I’m doing it.

Till tomorrow,


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