Audible Proofing

My wife and I spent some time today doing the final FINAL touches on the latest Korrigan stories. Number 04 comes out next Tuesday (Highly encourage everyone to go check it out!) It’s really the best one I’ve written, and I am very excited to see how everyone responds to it.

Seriously, after everything I’ve put this dwarf through, he finally gets a respite, and none too soon, because I’m not going to be very nice to him for the rest of the series.

But I didn’t blog to talk about how awesome Freya’s Wild Hunt is, I wanted to discuss the power of the voice. Specifically, mine.

I write in Scrivener, then I export to ePub, and copy that file to iBooks on my iPad.

I then pace around the bedroom while my wife sits on the bed with my laptop and follows along in Scrivener as I read the entire story aloud.

It usually takes us a couple hours to carefully pore over the short 5500 word short story. We hem and haw over word choice, we look up alternative words, we discuss how something sounds. We pick apart echoes and rhyming sentences. It’s actually quite surprising how easy it is to “poet and didn’t even know it” when you are writing.

But all of this is to hopefully make the story flow better. We don’t make a ton of changes, but we do make some. They’re usually all minor word choices, but we do sometimes hack a sentence in half because we realize that we’re just repeating ourselves or that half of it is just filler.

In the end, it’s time well-spent. The work is that much better for it, and I’m glad we took the time to do it, and I hope my readers appreciate the slightly better prose.

Till tomorrow,


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