Apple WWDC Thoughts: tvOS

I’m out of town for the next few days, so I’m typing up my thoughts ahead of time on the WWDC announcements. Things I think are awesome, things I think are dumb, etc. So enjoy six days of Tom fanboying over Apple product announcements!

Appocalypse Video

The Apppocalypse video was hilarious! Kudos to Apple for going with humor rather than trying to go political. Seriously, that video should have been put out during the Super Bowl, it would have been one of the most memorable videos anyone was talking about.


If you want to watch it, click here. Well worth your time.


I haven’t really enjoyed the TV app that’s been out on all Apple products. Since I’m not subscribed to anything other than Netflix, it’s basically worthless to me.

I am excited to have Amazon Prime Video app added to Apple TV. That’s the only reason I have a Roku around, so that’s one less box I’ll have to keep around anymore.

Still, I rarely watch TV, and even rarely watch Amazon stuff. If I do it’s from my iPad. It think the last thing I watched was The Royals.

They did hint that something else was coming later this year. I’m hoping it’ ala-cart purchasing of channels.

Cable-Cutter Rant

Seriously, TV executives. Why is this not a thing? I’m not going to subscribe to your overpriced cable or satellite. I cut the cord a LONG time ago. I’ve even considered saving the $9 a month from Netflix because 100% of my TV watching is YouTube now, or the occasional TV/Movie that I just end up renting or buying outright from Apple.

But if HGTV, Discovery and a couple others were $1.99 each per month? I might consider them. Get with the times.

Till tomorrow,


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