Apple WWDC Thoughts: watchOS

I’m still out of town, so here are my thoughts on the announcement of Watch OS from Apple’s WWDC announcement.


Siri – ehh?

Kelidescope – meh?

ToyStory – meh

Seriously, I only use Modular since it’s the only face that gives me enough data and apps crammed onto that tiny screen. I need more complications please.


Challenges. Good. Anything to help keep us motivated is a good thing. Personally just closing those rings every day is enough for me, so much that it’s become a bit of an OCD habit anymore, but I welcome this.

Quick Start is a much needed change. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone on a walk only to find halfway through that I didn’t hit start twice in a row to actually start the stupid workout. Welcome change. The previous design was poorly thought out.

Adding on new workouts. This will actually come in handy, as since I’m a fat bastard who’s trying to get in better shape, walking isn’t quite enough for me, but I can’t jog an entire workout, I usually do 30 minute walks with 2-3 jogging sessions mixed in. Ideally the watch should be able to tell that I went from walking to jogging and just sense it, but I’m happy to be able to tell it “Okay, let’s really kill ourself for the next few minutes.”


We need better support for podcasts. I NEVER listen to music when I work out. I listen to podcasts or audio books, either through Overcast or through Audible.

Above all, we need a hardware play/pause button. I never use the tray, I don’t use fast app switching on the watch. But what I do use 10-15 times a day, is pause. And it’s simply far too difficult to pause my audio book when I need to speak to my wife.

Between the watch not recognizing when I’ve raised it, requiring another tap to wake it, to the watch having gone off of Overcast and back to the initial watch face. To the convoluted crown-press, click on app, then click 2-3 times for it to finally recognize my pause and the delay it takes for it to tell my phone to shut up. It’s 5-10 seconds every time I want to pause.

This is ridiculous. Just allow us to configure the button on the side to be play/pause. That is literally the only change I want to see the watch.

Native Bluetooth

I’m really excited about this feature, as it will allow more items to be synced directly with the Apple Watch. I’m really looking forward to the possibly glucose meter in the future.

All-in-all, not a bad change. Please give us a play/pause button. And for the love of all that is holy, give us AirPods that actually fit in a human being’s ear? I SO want to love the AirPods, but they kill my ear canal. The BeatsX fit me great. I just want BeatsX versions of AirPods. Is that too much to ask for not having my ear in massive pain after 20 minutes of AirPods use?

Till tomorrow,


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