Apple WWDC Thoughts: MacOS

I’m still out of town, so here are my thoughts on the announcement of macOS from Apple’s WWDC announcement.

High Sierra

Tick-tock iteration of the OS, similar to the way Intel used to do their updates. This isn’t a major feature release, it’s mostly about improvement, refinements, speed and stability updates.

APFS will be nice. I am so looking forward to a better file system, especially for Time Machine backups that keep needing to be rebuilt. Please Apple, fix the constant need to delete your Time Machine backups and start from scratch!

Auto-playing video blocking. Hell yeah! I love this feature

We do need better window management features. Full-screen is great for laptops, but why can’t I have a 2×2 window for my massive 27” screen?


Ehh. I don’t really care that much, it’s nice to see that they are willing to put in enough power in their Macs to handle things like these. Getting support from Steam is huge though.

Kaby Lake CPU Updates

Another welcome change. We need more power, and I’m really irritated that Intel seems to be struggling so much with speed improvements on their CPUs.

iMac Pro

What can I say about this? I’ve been using my old Mac Pro trashcan for over three years now. I really REALLY need an upgrade, and I’m willing to pay for the premium price Apple! Why they waited this long to give us an upgrade is beyond me. Take care of your high end geeks who are willing to purchase bleeding edge technology and we’ll sing your praises to the nay-sayers all day long.

But ignore us, and you lose out on your most ardent fans. The fact that I’ve been asking myself if I should move to Windows or build a gaming PC for my YouTube channel tells me that Apples years behind the ball here. They messed up bad in this arena, and they have a lot of lost goodwill from their core geek fans. Bravo Apple for finally giving us a Pro desktop upgrade in 4 years.

Please make it silent. The iMac as-is is horrible in the sound department when running games. I record YouTube videos, I need silence.

Till tomorrow,


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