Apple WWDC Thoughts: iOS11


Syncing between all devices. Yes! We largely have this already, because my devices are almost always connected to the internet, but being able to setup a new device and pull in all the old history will be BALLER!

Person to Person Apple Pay

This will be a handy feature, but not game-breaking. It will put some pressure on Paypal, but only for people in the Apple world who can afford to be in the top-end of their technology tree. Still, for paying a friend/family member back, it’ll be nice and quick.

Apple Cash Card: I don’t think too many people noticed this. When you get paid, I think it goes into a Paypal-like cash card. A little holding zone. I’m not sure if you can then move it off to your bank account, but it sure seems like you will need to use the cash card to pay for things via Apple Pay, then when that’s drained, you pull from an existing bank account.


New voice – eh, I was fine with the old voice. I mostly just want Siri to understand me. I sometimes take a second to think things through when I’m talking to Siri, and she’ll just end the command and start processing. I really wish Siri was better and more useful.

I think the biggest thing we need to see are default apps. Apple’s apps are good, and sufficient for many, but they’re not perfect. Reminders is semi-okay, but I want to use Things, and when I say “remind me” I want Siri to put that into Things, not Reminders by default.

Siri suggestions are okay, but I’m not incredibly impressed by it. Predictive text is somewhat handy, but I don’t have the feature enabled because a: it’s usually wrong, b: it takes up valuable screen real estate, and c: I’d rather just type my words and pay attention to my content

I don’t really care that much about photos. I genuinely believe that most people have no idea how to use all the features photos has and most of the new features they give us are just gimmicks and to make us think we’re enjoying our children more than we really are. Forgive the rant here, but when I go see my kid play in a concert, I’m there to watch, listen and applaud, not video tape the whole performance, because honestly, who actually watches them all back? /rantoff

DnD While Driving

Excellent feature. Glad they’re finally putting something like this in.

Airplay 2

Yes, as we’ll see from the HomePod announcement. Yes. My body is ready.

Augmented Reality

I’m still a bit skeptical about AR. I think it won’t really be much use to most of us until we get glasses that display stuff real-time, because honestly, I’m not going to go through the hassle of holding up my iPad everytime I want to interact with something. That’s almost as ridiculous as taking photos with your iPad.

Hint: Don’t Do It!

Till tomorrow,


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