Apple WWDC Thoughts: iPad

10.5” iPad

Full-size keyboard – “Testing out the new keyboard for the super tiny iPad Pro 10.5″. I of course ordered the new iPad 10.5”, but it’s not going to be here till Tuesday. Meanwhile the keyboard cover showed up and I’m writing this on my 12.9” iPad Pro with the 10.5” keyboard. It’s not bad, but it’s also not “quite” full-size.

Better display – I’m looking forward to the tru-tone brighter display on the new iPad. I have a friend with the 9.7” and the colors are awesome. I’ll more to say once I get it into my grubby hands.

Ultralow reflectivity – while I was at the family reunion, my wife and I drove into town each day to get access to WiFi at the public library. While there one morning before they opened, we sat on the bench with the 8 AM sun behind us. While she wasn’t able to see her screen (MacBook Air) I was able to see it just fine on both my MacBook Pro, as well as my iPad. whatever they’re doing for anti-glare is working.

120Hz refresh rate + Apple Pencil latency – yes yes yes. Early reviews are that it’s buttery-smooth. Can’t wait to see for myself.

A10x 3X3 cores

12 core GPU

Not much to talk about here. It’s faster, just like previous iPads, they’re always faster. Woo?

10-hour battery – pretty standard for Apple. Honestly, I can’t wait till they start pushing this to 12 hours, then 16, then 20, and finally we get literal all-day battery life, or 2-3 days between charges. Come on Apple, let’s get ‘er done.

Don’t like the camera bump. Honestly, I could do without the better camera so I don’t get the bump, but whatever. I’ll deal with it I guess.

Till tomorrow,


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