Apple WWDC Thoughts: iPad iOS11

Largest iOS for iPad ever done.

I have to say, I was very impressed with what they offered. The initial iOS update was pretty small, covering just little tweaks to things that they showed on the iPhone, but when they came back onstage to bring up the iPad stuff, #mindblown.

The Dock

It’s pretty much the dock from the macOS. You can put a ton more apps on there, which will be super nice. You can grab it from anywhere, and you can do all your app switching from it.

Dragging an app icon from the dock to the side of the screen will allow it to become a slide-over app, then pulling down on it will turn it into a 1/3 app in split-view.

You can put split-view apps on the left or right, which will be nice, I’m glad we have that option.

I am a bit disappointed that we don’t have full apps on the 10.5″ iPad, they are basically blown-up iPhone versions. I’ll have to see how they feel for me when I get mine this week, but some people are complaining about that. It’s interesting that I didn’t notice the complaint with the 9.7″ though. Maybe it was something that wasn’t really discussed, because if we’re taking a step back, that would be disappointing/.

Drag and Drop

That’s right! We finally have drag and drop! It slices, it dices, it sautées!

Images, text, links. You name it, app developers can code their apps to allow it to be dragged around. I’m so looking forward to this change and will definitely discuss it once I have the iPad in my hot little hands.


Finder for iPad. That’s pretty much what it is. You can connect Dropbox/Box/etc. all the different cloud providers. I’m interested if you can do ones for personal server clouds? I’ll have to look into that one, but having a single view to get all my files will be super handy.

I have to keep my Scrivener files in Dropbox, because of the way it syncs using Dropbox for iPad, but I do keep some things in iCloud Drive, and things like Word documents from editors I keep in Live Drive because Word docs only support sharing when on a MS cloud solution. Having them all in one view will be awesome!

Apple Pencil/Notes

I do use markup from time to time. It’s really handy for certain things, and new features have been added, but the big star this year was Apple Notes.

Inline drawings, tables, tap to take notes from lock screen. It’s all fantastic. Pinned notes will be SO handy. Since apple improved Notes a couple years ago, I haven’t looked at things like Evernote anymore. Notes is good enough for what I need, though it would be nice to have the markdown features and nested tagging system that Bear has.

Still, Notes is a fantastic app that is only getting better with iOS 11.

Till tomorrow,


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