I received my new iPad 10.5″ iPad this afternoon, and I spent most of the day getting all my apps installed, data synced, and watching it drain the battery while it chugs through my Photos library for facial recognition.

I’ll have a better review tomorrow once I’ve had a chance to play with it for a full day, but for now, I’m typing on the new Smart Keyboard and I have to say, it’s pretty good. The screen is amazing, and yeah. I’m happy, but it does feel very small compared to my 12.9″

So have had family staying with me since I got back from the reunion this weekend. It’s been nice having them here as we don’t see them very often, but they left today. After being gone from work for a week, the last two days have been pretty busy with work, hanging out with family, and trying to get my YouTube stuff back on-track after my RAID crash (still waiting on Drobo support to get back to me, it’s been a week and I’m getting pretty upset by how slow they are).

But all through it, I’ve managed to get my writing done each day, and a little bit of editing for stuff that is coming down the pipe *cough, Korrigan, cough*.

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it when you put your priorities first and ensure that the most critical task of the day gets done no matter what. For me, as a writer, that’s writing new, first draft content. You can’t edit what you haven’t written, and I find that I can always get lost in editing like I can’t with writing, so writing is the most important and usually most difficult thing for me to get done each day.

But that’s all for me today. I’ll post something up tomorrow about my experiences with the iPad once I’ve used it more.

Till tomorrow,


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