Productive Sunday and The Girl With All The Gifts Movie!

Another good Sunday for me. I slept in a little bit today, till 7:30, which was nice. My sleep is getting more consistent lately and I think that’s largely because I’m trying to focus on the habits of going to be at a normal time.

Despite consistency, I still look forward and rely on an extra hour or two of sleep on the weekends to help balance out the short on work days.

Today was wake up, drink lots of water, and go exercise. I went out with my wife today, something we don’t always have time to do. It’s nice because we can rant about the children, or just talk through various issues we’re having with writing or YouTube.

We went swimming afterward, which was cool and a perfect way to wind down from 110 degree weather. Shower, eat breakfast, and it’s time to start writing. I started writing at 9, and wrote 1500 words in an hour. Not my fastest, but it was still pretty good. That includes going back over and cleaning up typos and my grammar a little bit. That’s a habit I’ve been trying to work on lately, is doing touch ups on my first drafts as soon as I’m done. Sometimes I missed something and it’s generally better to do things when they’re fresh in your mind. If I try to revise that scene in a few weeks I’ll probably forgotten a few things I meant to say but didn’t actually do.

Then I spent some time with kids, and jumped back into some editing for a bit. Once that was done, I ate lunch, then watched “The Girl with all the Gifts.” Oh man, that was such an amazing movie. One of the best I’ve seen all year. Seriously, if you are a writer, you need to watch it. It’s a masterpiece in storytelling.

I need to watch it again and take notes. Ooh, shivers.

Then I spent a few hours working on my litRPG outline, cleaning up some lingering things from my current WIP that I’ve changed. I’ve actually changed quite a bit, the big thing being the age of the character, which means all previous scenes need to be gone over again and spruced up to make sure the MC voice is up to snuff.

When all that was done, I recorded four videos. YouTube will be back on “semi” regular videos this week. I didn’t have time to get a MegaBus episode recorded, so that’ll be one more week out for it to get back on track.

That’s about it for today. Looking forward to another productive week!

Till tomorrow,


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