Unboxing the Kinesis Advantage 2

A fun package arrived today, something I’ve spent a lot of time researching. It’s a unique keyboard designed for people with RSI (repetitive stress injuries) which is something I’ve been dealing with over the last couple of years. Between writing, my day-job, and all the gaming I do, I’m on the computer a lot, and lack of proper ergonomics for the last 20 years are catching up to me.

It’s not as large as you would think, though I should have been smart and included a banana for scale since I took this in the kitchen and they were just out of the shot. *wink*

I plugged it in, and tested myself on an online typing tutor. Currently I’m clocking in around 20 wpm. An yes, I’m typing this from the Advantage. If anyone has recommendations for a good online typing tool, let me know, because I could use a primer from the beginning. Not only is the layout different, but I’m going to mechanical keys which is a totally different feel than the laptop/apple keyboards I’m used to.

From what I read online, the best way to learn to use a keyboard like this and get adjusted to it quickly is to go all-in, so that is what I’m going to do. Out with the old, in with the new. For the next few weeks, I am going to try to get all my writing done from this new keyboard. I’ll be sure to post up on how it is working.

Till tomorrow,


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