Another Outline Drafted

Was out of out town most of the day yesterday, on the road north to pickup my kids from their summer camp.

Good trip, is nice to have them back home, but 7 hours in a car there and back really cuts into your ability to get work done.

Luckily, my wife was gracious enough to do most of the driving so that I could get stuff done. Not super effective when you’re on the road, but it’s also harder to get distracted when you’re riding in a car at 65 mph.

I got my word count in for the day, as well as some worldbuilding on my litRPG world.

I also came up with a character, concept, and fleshed that all the way into a draft of a story. I’ll spend the next couple days polishing the outline till I’m happy with it, then set it aside to work on once I’m done with drafting the current book.

My book is about 66% drafted right now, and when I finish the drafting of the book, want to start immediately into a prequel novella. These shorter stories can be a lot of fun to write and to read. They allow me to do some promotion around the book, and release a bit of a teaser to the world while I’m working on the full book’s edits.

I’m super excited about this one and can’t wait to show it off, but it’ll be a while till I’m done drafting this book to start on the side story. Regardless, it’s a big step in the right direction getting that outline drafted.

Till tomorrow,

Tom H.

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