Thomas J. Whitmore for President 2020

I hoped I would have had more time today (the third) to write up a blog post, but it’s 11 pm and I’ve been working non-stop since I woke up this morning on various things.

I wanted to say something snarky about how we’ll kick those alien asses back to their home planet yet again this year, (I’m back!) but I would rather be serious today, just for a moment.

I try to keep my mouth shut on politics, but I certainly have my opinions on things. I also know that America seems to be the laughing stock for much of the rest of the world, but I still think I live in the best damn country. I really do.

We have a host of problems. No country is perfect. We were The Great Experiment, an experiment that is still on going today.

Still, despite our many foibles, the massive swings in policy change we have every 4-8 years, and the constant bickering from both sides and their inability to ever find a decent compromise, I’m glad I live in the United States of America.

I read an article about free speech last week, (sorry, I really should have saved that article so I could link it.) In the comments of the article there were a lot of people aghast at something the government had done, silencing a bunch of protestors.

But in the comments, people from that country were reminding the rest of the world how their citizens don’t actually have Freedom of Speech like we have here in the US.

Let that sink in for a minute. The first, and in my opinion, the MOST important right for a country’s citizens, is free speech, free from subjugation from the government, free from imprisonment if you speak out against it’s policies, free from worry that your life is forfeit if you say you don’t like a president or congressman.

There are countries out there right now that don’t allow this basic right. And they aren’t all the ones you think of when you think of massive human rights violations. There is a lot of talk lately about rights. Right to health care, right to enter and exit the country, right of sanctuary, but I prefer focusing on the rights that truly matter. The rights that allow us to remain free from tyranny, oppression, and subjugation. The right to practice your religion or lack therof without government oversight. The right to defend your life or the life of your loved ones. The right to due process.

Too often I worry that we’re ignoring the immense need of these basic rights and we spend all our time and energy whining about other rights, rights that were never part of the original constitution. What good is free and ubiquitous internet if we aren’t allowed to decry a bad policy from a government official?

Today, I’m thinking about the original rights, the first ten amendments, and how vital they have been to this great experiment lasting as long as it did. Today, I wish to focus on true rights, rights that ensure citizens remain free from tyranny.

And yes, today, I will totally be watching Independence Day! YEAH!

Till tomorrow,


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