535 ebooks given away!

So wow! My freebie sale worked like a champ! I had 535 ebooks given away on July 4th and 5th in total!

Sure I could have potentially lost a little bit of money if I didn’t give them away, but there is a balance to be had. Giving away free short stories helps get my works out there to people who are looking, and hopefully they enjoy my stories enough that they’ll turn around and purchase my book because of it.

In addition, I could potentially get people subscribing to my email list, which is nice too!

Nothing much else to say about it, it was a good giveaway. I got my writing in front of a bunch of people, and hopefully that will pan out.

Still working hard on my litRPG book, nearing the end. I’m super excited to see how this thing reads once I’m done with it! Currently working on the next outline so that I can roll right into my next project when done with this one.

Till tomorrow,


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