Mechanical Keyboards

A couple weeks ago, I took ownership of a Kinesis Advantage 2, to help with some wrist pain I’ve been having the last few years that is getting worse.

I’ve been using the keyboard more and more, which is fantastic, but I’m still swapping back and forth between it and other keyboards (I’m on my iPad’s keyboard right now, for instance.)

But having used a proper mechanical keyboard for the last couple weeks, has me thinking about the long-term-ness (that’s a thing!) of using the Advantage everywhere I go.

Sure, I could use the Advantage for most of my writing, and the little bit I do in bed, or at the doctor’s office would just be write-off as far as RSI is concerned, but I think if I’m going to move to a better solution, I’d like that solution to be as universal as possible for as long as possible, and quite-frankly, the Advantage 2 is big. I’ve taken it to the couch and on the bed and, while I can get it to work, it’s not ideal.

So I’m doing my research, checking out other places and possibilities for more mobile solutions to my typing needs, and I’m realizing that the world of mechanical keyboards is vast and deep. And scary.

And expensive!

More on this in the future, but it’s a fascinating hobby that fits right in with stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Till tomorrow,


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