So much slacking off

I haven’t been getting my blog posts done on my regular schedule lately, but I’m still getting them out one per day, so I’m not too worried about the habit. Been a long, strange week for me.

Between being out of the house till late a couple nights, having family staying over for a couple days, work, other work, and other other work (IT, writing, youtube) I’ve been out of sorts this week.

Hard to explain why, but I missed mediation a couple days, and that threw me off my game, I also had one day where I got my word count in but I was NOT happy with the quality. It was one of those grin and bear it situations, where I wasn’t even happy that I wrote because there was zero inspiration in that scene.

Oh well, I guess we all have days or weeks like this, right? Day where you literally can’t even?

Till tomorrow,


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