Fun stuff this week!

Got a busy week planned! I have videos set to go out each day this week. Wednesday I’ll be starting a sale on all my writing on Amazon. I have two Writers’s club meetings, in addition to a couple other writerly-related meetings to attend.

I also am almost done with my litRPG book. I’m under the 20K mark and I’ll be finalizing the outline for the next thing I’m writing this week. It’s going to be a prequel novella, a bit of a taste of my world and my writing. It’ll also be the first thing I release in this new universe I’ve created for my litRPG.

If that wasn’t all enough, I have to get critiques done for one of my groups, and finish up edits for a short story and get that sent off to my editor so she can tear it apart, I mean, give me grammatical feedback.

Also also! I will be sending out a new newsletter on Wednesday and in it I’m going to be talking about one of the stories I’ve read recently that I loved, so sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t yet so you get that!

So yeah. Tons of stuff to get done, no time to lose. Go!

Till tomorrow,


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