King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni

I wanted to tell everyone about another Urban Fantasy author Mike Stop Continues. He and I met in Austin in April when we both attended the Smarter Artist Summit. He’s a great guy and we’ve kept in contact since the conference.

I recently read his novella King Cage and the Worth Street Djinni. It’s set in New York City’s underbelly among the grime and muck of the subway system. Mike brands it as a super hero urban fantasy, but it’s so much more.

Mike has a way with words that, as a writer, I wish I could emulate. This story might be a shorter work, but it’s packed with some of the most amazing descriptions I’ve read all year. He paints such a visceral picture of life in New York that I can’t wait for his second to come out (it’s on pre-order right now.)

I highly recommend you check out his novella, and help him out by leaving a review. He’s an indie author just like me, and reviews are like blood for vampires or something (so I’m told.)

Till tomorrow,


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