Yeah…this book is going to be longer than expected.

So I am sitting around 110,000 words right now on my litRPG. It’s a good number for sure, but there is a slight problem.

I only planned on 120K and I still have quite a few scenes to finish up here, so I think I might be looking at 130K by the time I’m actually done with the first draft. Honestly, it won’t be a bad thing, I was easily within 10% of my original goal, so I think I was pretty close in the grand scheme of things.

On top of that, I’ll be needing to do a tightening up after the draft is done anyway, and many authors are known to go back and cut 10% out of their books anyway, by tightening up the language, shortening sentences, cutting scenes that don’t actually move the plot forward, etc.

So I’m okay to be honest, just a little surprised both at the fact that I was so close in my original estimate when I started the draft, and also that I still have so many scenes left as well.

Till tomorrow,


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