Habit Checkpoint (Daily Exercise)

It’s hard to believe that July is nearly over. Seriously, why does the time seem to fly so much lately? I know I’m a busy beaver over here in Hansenland with my hands in tons of cookie jars, but even then it seems like I should be getting more done than I currently am.

I was actually talk to some authors tonight about this very thing. Pile of tasks, and nothing gets done. It’s all-too-common an issue to be honest, and I think it’s high-time I take better control of this in my life.

In the last few months I’ve initiated some changes. Prime among them was the habit of waking up, and getting exercise. I don’t even have coffee anymore right thing in the morning, like I used to do. Instead, I wake up, chug a bunch of water, put on my jogging clothes, and hit the road.

Yes, it’s miserable here the valley with the insufferable heat, but honestly, it’s either hit the pavement early in the morning, or hit it later at night, and honestly, I have too much stuff going on at night.

So morning it is. I’ve hit that goal nearly ever single day for months now. The streak finally broke this weekend when I got hit with some kind of blizzard sickness that left me delirious of unwilling to do anything for an entire day. Saturday was a complete write-off and I ended up taking it easy on Sunday since I was still pretty woozy in the morning.

So yeah, the habit got broke, but honestly, I think I have a good excuse.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about my habit for writing, then after that I want to delve into some of the lesser successful habits I’ve been working on.

Till tomorrow,


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