Habit Checkpoint (1300 Words Written Daily)

After daily exercise, my next goal in line was to write daily. I specifically gave myself the goal of 1000 words per day back in the beginning of May, and but for a couple days early on, and a couple days this weekend when I was on my proverbial death-bed, I’ve met that goal.

In fact, on average, even including the missed days, I’ve averaged 1351 words per day for the past (almost) three months. I’ve even upped the daily word count goal in Scrivener to 1300, and will raise it another 100 when I’m consistently going over 1400. Ultimately, I want to pump out a consistent 1500 words per day. That’s over half a million per year, which I think is plenty for a man holding down a demanding full-time dayjob and also keeping up with daily YouTube content. And daily blog cough.

That’s impressive! So impressive that I’m currently just shy of 120,000 words in my current litRPG, and I’m very close to wrapping up the rough draft. I also have the next story’s outline worked out and ready to go so that I can hit the ground running the next day with my next story.

All-in-all, though, I’m mostly proud of myself for making sure that this is a priority. It’s what makes a writer different than anyone else. They write. Every day.

That last part might ruffle a few feathers, but I’m okay with that. If you’re not writing every day, you can call yourself a writer, but are you, really? Daily writing means it’s a top priority for you. As much as anything else you do every day. You go to work everyday, eat, breathe, shower, etc. If writing’s not a big enough priority that you only get to it once or twice a week, then you might wanna rethink that novelty mug your kids got you that says “I’m a writer.”

It’s not about time, it’s about priorities. You have time everyday to write, you just have to turn off the tv, internet, YouTube, or whatever else it is that you think is so important to you.

Ultimately, it’s about priorities, and turning those priorities into habits through consistent focus on your goals. Do I enjoy kicking back on the couch after a stressful day at work and watching re-runs of my favorite sitcom? Of course I do. But I love having written a new book more. (Sorry Tina!)

So stick with it, because it’s worth it.

Till tomorrow,


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