Sleep Affected

So I didn’t sleep well last night. Miserably in fact. I’m on-call this week for work, which has an effect, but I didn’t get called at all. I think it was the anticipation of ‘what if’ that was keeping me up.

I also have a bunch on my mind lately. I just finished up with my litRPG novel’s first draft and part of my mind is saying “now the tough part begins.” This is true, unfortunately. I have a lot more experience with writing first drafts of novels, than I do with editing entire novels.

So there is a bit of paralysis going on there that I need to get over. I now have two full-length novels waiting for me to edit them. Book 2 of my End Gate series and now this new one. So get on it Tom!

Past that, I have the next episode of my Korrigan series releasing at the end of this month and I’m behind on those edits as well, so yeah, bunch of stuff on my plate.

Of course the answer is simple: identifying the next action, and execute! If only it was always that easy!

Till tomorrow,


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