Soothing Sunday

Ahh, the weekend, when all my troubles melt away after a long week at work.

Only, when you’re as busy as I am, you don’t get much time off. Weekends are generally just as busy as the weekdays.

It’s the time I get most of my recording done, though lately I’ve been behind on that so I have been struggling to record videos most days this week to get caught up with my normal recording schedule.

I’m also a bit behind on some writing tasks, mostly editing and what-not. I want to get that stuff caught up, but I’m not going to stress about that too much right now. Things will get done when they get done.

For today, I want to start in on a new habit for myself. I want to start reviewing my weekly/monthly/years goals/tasks every Sunday. Over the last few months, I have really began harnessing the power of consistency, with daily writing, exercise, and more recently, meditation.

I want to take that to the next level over the next few months by adding in two more habits: namely daily editing (of something) and weekly reviews of my goals.

You can have all the tasks you want clogging up your task manager, but if you don’t review them, and prioritize what must get done first, you’re just storing important things in a note and not acting on them.

Of course the actions are the important part, but many times I simply don’t know what my next steps are, and many times that keeps me from actually starting on a project. If I use Sunday to plan out my week, and organize my tasks/next actions, then when I have time to work on the projects I won’t have to think, I’ll just act.

So yeah, here is to a successful few months of these two new habits.

Till tomorrow,


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