Slowly Catching Up

Well, I’m slowly catching up through my videos. I ran into a couple stressful weeks where I barely got any recording in, instead prioritizing my writing over videos (which I’m glad I did) but the end effect was I burned through all my backlog of videos and ended up doing a video nightly to make my schedule.

But I’m getting caught up now! Spent the weekend working hard and, while I’m not fully caught up, I’m in a better position now. The big issue I have right now is that all the videos I’m making take a LONG time to make. 1.5-2 hours each in fact! That’s a lot of hours per week spent making videos!

Once I’m done with my current series, I’ll drop back to doing some easier type content that doesn’t suck up quite so much time, but for now, each video requires a fair amount of time to records, edit, and publish.

Till tomorrow,


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