Word really needs to get with the times.

I do most of my editing on my iPad and lately I’ve been getting very frustrated by Word. Word insists on still treating all pages as “actual pages” and since most content is consumed on the web with continuous scrolling websites, why does Word require us to see everything as pages?

On top of that, if I’m going to have comments, I have to have those off to the side in bubbles, which, fine, I actually like that.

But why does my screen have to reflect the actual page layout? Why does 1/3 of the screen have to be taken up by comment bubbles, thus shrinking the text down for the rest of the page, making it near-impossible to read? Why do all the margins have to be shown on the screen?

Seriously, Microsoft, help an aging man out here. I don’t need all that whitespace taking up my valuable 10.5″ screen’s real-estate. I need to be able to adjust the display size of the text on-screen so I can actually read it without getting closer or squinting.

I don’t care about the formatting for the page. Everything is digital anyway, and I wouldn’t use Word to format my physical books anyway, so why are we still stuck in a paper-like digital world when our screens are shrinking smaller and smaller?

Oh yeah, you would like me to use the in-line comments? You mean the one that takes up the entire bottom half of the screen for a 1-line comment? That view? Yeah…that’s just as bad.

Then half the time when you exit that view, the screen page zooms to 50% instead of staying on “fit” like it’s supposed to!


And the bad part is that there really is no good replacement for this. All editors use Word. My critique groups use Word for the same reason. I can’t get away from this horribly designed program and I don’t use 90% of it’s features either.

I just need a decent commenting application that allows me to use my screen real estate better, that exports in Word.

Any suggestions?

Till tomorrow,


One thought on “Word really needs to get with the times.

  1. Scrivener does, and it’s a great organizational tool. Not sure if they’ve released an iPad app yet. Google docs does. Open office does. Libre Office does. Have you tried the comment feature on those?


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