Ulysses going paid

Recently, the app that I use to do all my blogging announced they were going paid. there will be a monthly (or cheaper yearly) charge to have access to all versions of the app, be it Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

I have mixed feeling about this direction. I understand that developers need constant revenue to stay afloat, but all of their changes are whittling away my income. $5 here, $7 there, $99 a year for office, etc.

I understand that this is the direction that most development companies will be going, but it does frustrate me. I think this will make us have to stop having 40 different apps on our devices, each one that does something specifically very well, if each one of them requires a subscription, that’s a lot of money to have to pay each month just to use the software that I love.

That all being said, I suppose in the long-run it allows the developers to stay in business, and that is good for them and for me, but I just hope that they continue to strive for every penny they make from their customers to ensure they are providing the best app for the money.

Till tomorrow,


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