Why am I always tired on Wednesdays?

Maybe it’s hump day and my body knows that I’m only halfway done with the week, or maybe it is something else, but Wednesday always seems to be my most exhausting day.

True, I do have a writing group that day that sucks up my time and energy, but I like writing groups, they are fun and despite the later than normal night and extra travel, I come away from them rearing to go as far as writing is concerned.

All in all, they are good days, but I think it really is just a combination of things. Wednesdays are the days I get the least amount of work done because the first half of my day are spent in meetings, then I end up scrambling in the afternoon to try to catch up, even though it never seems to happen.

I then have a short amount of time to try to get some writing in, recording, then off to head out to my writing group.

Regardless, I gotta suffer through it.

Till tomorrow.


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