Social Media Brownout

Yesterday I talked about how I have missed some blog posts lately due to other things in my life taking up my time, and I mentioned that it’s important to not get bogged down in the what if’s and failures of the past.

It’s for this same reason that I’ve taken myself largely off social media the last few months, ignoring all the hatred and vitriol online has helped me focus on the things that I love in life, and I’d rather fill my days with joy and wonder, rather than despair and irritation.

Be good to each other, and remember that what you choose to do with your time, the people you choose to listen to, and the information you surround yourself with is your choice, not anyone else’s. If you fill your head with hatred, worry, despair, and anguish, you’re going to live those things.

If you instead choose to filter all the vitriol and focus on the good of people, the good of humanity, with a prosperous mindset, you won’t get bogged down as much in the mania of others.

I still think it’s important to stay informed of world events, but you don’t have to spend your entire day worrying about things outside of your control, or perpetuating other’s worries with endless posts about issues around us.

The world has enough worries. I would rather focus on the good.

Till tomorrow,


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