Apple Sep 12th Event Thoughts:

My thoughts on the event today:

Steve Jobs Theater

It looks really cool, and the all-glass surround is very cool. I also like the underground theater. I’d love to visit, but seeing it on stream looks pretty cool. It’s a good idea that they have their own location to host these events. Means they can have their own custom setup for the stage for moving people and items on/off stage. Should make for some impressive events over the years.

Ode to Steve Jobs

I do miss Steve. It’s too bad that he died, and I feel Apple has changed since he was at the helm.

Apple Stores

The whole Town Squares thing seems a little bit over the top. They aren’t exactly hubs of change. They are stores. Still, I do like the look of the stores with the trees, so that’s cool.

Apple Watch

New OS coming next week. Can’t wait!

Built-In Cellular is pretty sweet. Glad to see it’s finally coming to the watch. An extra monthly charge is going to suck, but it’s a nice thing to have.

Faster CPU is expected for all new products.

Honestly, I am STILL waiting for the ability to have the single button be changed to play/pause because that is my #1 gripe with the watch is it takes 5-10 seconds to pause your music.

The LTE demo was pretty cool. Little cheesy, but effective.

I just got a Series 2, and honestly, I don’t listen to Apple Music much, most of my audio is Audible or Podcasts, and since those aren’t as effective on the Watch, I always take my phone with me. We’ll see for the future though, I don’t really need a new watch right now.

I do like the new sport loop band, I’ll probably get one.

Apple TV 4K

Honestly, I just want a better remote. the current Siri remote sucks. I haven’t met a single person that likes it. I really wish Apple would properly marry form and function, rather than only choosing to go with form.

I don’t even own a 4K TV, nor do I have the bandwidth to handle 4K.

The 4K movies for the same price is AWESOME!

iPhone 8

Water/dust resistance is awesome. glad to see more iPhones coming like this. Now we just need the same thing for the iPads.

True tone into the display was expected. I have it on this iPad (that I’m typing this on) and I like it.

Blah, blah, CPU improvements. Honestly, Apple does a good job in improving CPU performance each year. This isn’t really news.

Optical image stabilization in the smaller phone is pretty slick.

AR is pretty cool. Can’t wait to see what happens.

Wireless charging! Woo!

iPhone X

Super Retina Display – really? I feel like they are running out of words.

OLED display is sweet.

Swipe Up from the bottom – we’ll see how well that works. Personally I really like buttons but I get that they are disappearing over time.

FaceID. Now I have a beard, so I’m very curious how this will work.

Watching him struggle to open up his phone is a little irritating. Right now I don’t have to move my fingers at all, I just place my thumb on the touchID Sensor and the phone unlocks. Clicking down is better than having to swipe up from the bottom. I’m going to see a lot more dropped phones because of this.

I am super excited about the wireless charging.

I better set my alarm to remind me to order it.

Till tomorrow,


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